Hair Detangling Photos

A Member of our Writer’s Club has finished a hair detangling booklet (born from swimming with long loose hair & other mishaps) and is working on the more comprehensive detangling full book. We are privileged that she attributed it to Detangled Lives! Here are some photos associated with the detangling process. Check out Detangled Lives… Continue reading Hair Detangling Photos

My Perfect Schedule

In college, I broke my life into 15 minute intervals so I could ace my 16 credit hour course loads and keep my merit scholarship. Time management was paramount.

First Post Ever

This is my first ever Detangled Lives Blog Post. It’s my first blog post ever.Hello anyone? Detangled Lives was born from the COVID-19 Pandemic like so many other things…so many changes, so many deaths, so many people having time to look at themselves and the world. When life gives us lemons, make lemonade. Detangled Lives… Continue reading First Post Ever