My Perfect Schedule

When I was in college, my undaunted goal was to stay above “C-Level”. Get it? C-level? I graduated with an overall 3.30, which is above C-level but I did get three Cs and a C+. To get the most from my 2-yr full tuition coverage merit scholarship; I took year-round overstacked 16 credit hour semesters so I absolutely HAD to have hard-core time management strategies. I broke my life down into 15 minute intervals and they were paramount! Time was like a tyrant.

If you are setting a Time Tyrant Goal, then you will need to establish some time grids. I would not suggest that you stretch a Time Tyrant for 2 years, because at the end of 2 years, I had lost weight, looked ragged and was so sick I skipped my graduation ceremony. You should “listen to your body” after you have also consulted with your doctors. If you have multiple doctors, check with them all (example: primary care, diabetes, mental, cardiologist, dietician, etc.) THREE months should be the absolute maximum, if your doctors agree — that’s 90 days of mega focus!

So be careful how long you commit to mega focus. I believe that 3 weeks might be an average moderate timeframe, but please seek professional opinion. I am trying to put schedule templates into the website for you or add them somewhere else. On this page the formatting went wrong as this table transferred from Google Docs to WordPress but you can still get the general idea of what this template should look like. I took a personal inventory of my life priorities, valid responsibilities, and dreams and goals. Next is taking those important priorities and making sure that they hold the appropriate proportion of time in my schedule.

My Perfect Schedule
6 AM
12 PM
12 AM
  • Feel free to add or adjust the rows to fit your Perfect Schedule. Change “My” to your name if you like.
  • Add 30 minute and 15 minute time blocks where needed. They actually keep you more focused and on schedule breaking down events into more measurable time blocks.
  • P.S. Do NOT stay awake from 6am to midnight. Adjust the time increments to fit your life.

Make sure to intentionally take 5-15 minute blocks of breathing and prayer to keep a layer of peace sprinkled into each day.

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