First Post Ever

This is my first ever Detangled Lives Blog Post.

It’s my first blog post ever.
Hello anyone? Detangled Lives was born from the COVID-19 Pandemic like so many other things…so many changes, so many deaths, so many people having time to look at themselves and the world. When life gives us lemons, make lemonade. Detangled Lives is my lemonade and I offer some to you. Take the time to explore my two sites. Yes, there are two because I am learning as I go and created a site on Square before the one you are reading now on WordPress. As of today, the Square site has the best information because I completed it first and am just starting to build this site. The sites are so amateurish but this is my beginning, not my end.

<<<<Later Update: Really now both sites are about equal except this one has the blog. They are equally messy, but I am learning, studying and applying things, so that I level up. There many behind the scenes tweaking work: the books, YouTube, blob, email newsletters, and all the platform research and learning how to work them…>>>> and

YouTube Channel: Detangled Lives

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