I am Writing!

Okay, kindred friends and sisters…I…am…writing!!!!! I have written a small eBooklet , and started another eBooklet for Amazon. When I completed the first booklet, I was motivated to pick up my old dusty writing tablets and flesh out and finish one of my old ideas. Then after prayer one day, I just sat down at my laptop and my second eBooklet just came pouring out in waves because I was so excited.

The first eBooklet is a quick reference guide to detangling 911 hair tangle emergencies (I’m talking “I went swimming ALL day with my hair down and came home with two huge knotted, locked tight, tangled blobs” -that kind of tangled, not your average tangle. It is pretty good if I do say so myself. It will certainly help anyone who has found themselves in such a mess. I actually have even more information and more pictures and videos for it but I will have to expand the booklet into a book in the future (sometime next year maybe).

The second eBooklet is about hoarding and how I have it handled. I’m still a work in process, but I have hoarding handled (by the grace of God) and it is not handling me. I titled the booklet ” Hoarding Handled”, of course. I will post some of its content here on my blog and if you are interested, you can get a copy as soon as it’s on Amazon.

The third writing project is a children’s book that I have been tinkering with for years. I have an illustrator that has already given me the first of eight illustrations. Also I am starting to work out the kinks and finish it with a military veterans writing group I joined.

Progress! Keep me in your prayers and thoughts and I will do the same.

Peace and success.

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