My name’s Yolanda. What’s yours?

I am the lady behind Detangled Lives.

I am a graying mom, with two out of my nest and one remaining. My husband and I currently have low-paying jobs, but it works for us. Our home loan is mostly paid off and we live frugally. “Second hand” is my middle name and I love it. It has served my family well.

On the other hand I have spent the last decade in decline as I focused solely on taking care of my family. I spend practically no money on my looks, and it often shows. I dye my own gray hair using henna. I relax my hair only 2-3 times per year (from a box kit). My skin screams for moisturizer and TLC. And so many of my dreams and loves were on pause before the COVID19 pandemic and my almost empty nest.

Now that the house is quieter, my life is no longer paused. My two oldest girls have their own lives (that thankfully still pop into mine often enough – especially the oldest). My father is enjoying professional assisted living now. My husband enjoys work and hobbies. My youngest girl is my kindred spirit and we adventure together. I HAVE BEEN THROUGH THE FIRE and I am ready to “level up” and I want you to level up alongside me. I want to encourage you in and through and out of the fire.

I  am a fighter and so are you. I believe that there are so many other people like us out there. Normal struggling people who have a fighter buried inside and need another kindred friend to “cheer them on and up”. Normal people have normal needs like housework routines and beauty routines,  clutter control, exercising and writing their dream book (or whatever your life dream). 

EVERYONE is welcome. Everyone who needs help and support with these life tangles can come and find encouragement to level up and live detangled lives. There is a verse in the Bible that states, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. I actually believe two things; 1) I can complete anything God places in my hands to do. and 2) I do personally get my strength from Christ Jesus and I need it! I recommend Him, with all of my heart, if you are seeking. To each their own, but personally Jesus is my all in all. His ways are ABSOLUTELY better than mine. I believe God has given us free will and we choose our own paths. I just know that God offers salvation and love as a choice.

I am obviously far from perfect, but in my heart, I want to always work at being humble and grounded. However, I know that human nature will pull me the opposing way.  Please keep me in your prayers and/or hearts as I continually remind myself and other kindred online friends to lovingly do the following 3 things:

  • We avoid being critical. We cheer each other on and up. We are all in the same boat in some way or another. If not, you know someone who is.
  • We do not stay down. We press on towards a higher target.
  • We sincerely rejoice in the victories of other kindred online friends as well as our own. Great minds think alike and we are surrounded by great minds.

If you don’t want to lovingly do those there things, you just might need another online group. I do not have things perfectly under control. I want to become the next Martha Stewart…but not. My hope is to be both the president and a member of the Hair Club for Men (search online for the old commercial). Basically I want to be a combination of the two. First of all, Martha Stewart made housework and home management a public artform; and the Hair Club founder admitted that he was human and struggled for years with baldness until he founded his club. So what’s the catch? What’s my take? 

I am no Martha Stewart. I have neither her skill level nor her wealth of experience and knowledge. If Martha is Level 10, then I am currently Level 2. I have a small, aging and declining home that I am trying to keep clean, pretty and functional with minimal money. It is my aim to accomplish my simple goal in my online space and make it my home based business while helping and supporting as many others as I possibly can. 

My dear online friends…it is my shame and my strength to admit to you that I am more like the Hair Club guy. I DO NOT HAVE IT ALL TOGETHER, but I am not content to stay down. I intend to work on a regular basis to hit my target home management level and goals, while also working on finding life balance as well.

Peace and success.

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