Detangled Lives is a judgment-free team that helps team members “LEVEL UP.” We tackle & overcome issues that have you tangled and keep you from reaching your life goals. [ Including, but not limited to, tangled living spaces, tangled /halted life goals, tangled hair, tangled unsatisfactory beauty routines or exercise routines…]

This is a ministry to people who want and need it, so we will keep the fees as low as possible. We will also try to spread around discounts to those in need, as often as operating costs will allow.

We meet online regularly so check out the schedule tab after signing up. It is my SUPER MEGA HUMONGOUS MANDITORY recommendation that you use an unidentifiable, but tasteful (approved) username that has nothing to do with your real name or location. It will be your teammate name. Yay team! Please excuse my overuse, but I love saying Yay! Yay for yay! I also LOVE Jesus and saying “level up.” SUPER MEGA HUMONGOUS INFINITE Yay for Jesus!!! Regular yay to Level Ups!

Hopefully you will feel comfortable with the whole team, but in this day and age…stay cyber safe and cyber vigilant. Keep things friendly but ANONYMOUS at all times. This isn’t just a disclaimer, it is genuine care for team safety.