My name’s Top Secret. And so is yours.

I am the lady behind Detangled Lives.

I am the lady behind the curtain, working the machine. Your identity and mine are not necessary for getting our goals completed. Only our stories and goals are important here. My story and goals?… I’m glad you asked.

I want to become the next Martha Stewart…but not. My hope is to be both the president and a member of the Hair Club for Men (search online for the old commercial)…but not. Basically I want to be a combination of the two…but not. First of all, Martha Stewart made housework and home management a public artform; and the Hair Club founder admitted that he was human and struggled for years with baldness until he founded his club. So what’s the catch? What’s my take?

I am no Martha Stewart. I have neither her skill level nor her wealth of experience and knowledge (Yet!). If Martha is Level 10, then I am currently Level 2. I have a small, aging home that I am trying to keep clean, pretty and functional with minimal money. It is my aim to accomplish my simple goal in my online space and make it a home-based business while helping and supporting as many others as I possibly can.

My dear online friends…it is my shame and my strength to admit to you that I am more like the Hair Club guy. I DO NOT HAVE IT ALL TOGETHER, but I am not content to stay down. I intend to work on a regular basis to get to my target home management level and goals, while also working on finding life balance as well.

I am a graying mom, with two out of my nest and one remaining. I live in a home that is really starting to show wear and tear. My husband and I have low-paying jobs, but it works for us. Our home loan is almost paid off and we live very frugally. Second hand is my middle name… Top “Second Hand” Secret……NLoL…not laughing out loud. LoL!

My heart wants to always remain humble and grounded. I know that human nature will pull me the opposing way, but I rely on you (readers, leaders and followers) to lovingly remind me of the following 3 things:

  • I am in the same boat, not somewhere high and lofty, looking down. I rely on God to give my strength. I also rely on your accountability to keep me in my place so I can help you and myself.
  • In Detangled Lives spaces, we do not judge. We cheer each other on and up. We are all in the same boat in some way or another. If not, you know someone who is. If you have come to feel superior to people; you might need anther online group.
  • We are here to humbly work ourselves up from the bottom to the top.

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